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Although it is an important consideration for any individual to make, we often put off thinking about making provisions for our loved ones in the event of our decease, and why not? Who wants to be reminded of the unpleasant fact that our lives will someday come to an end.

Yet planning your estate - whether you design a will or a trust is something that should not be put off. Perhaps you haven't given the idea much thought, but are now planning a long overseas vacation or have been diagnosed with a serious illness or condition - you need a lawyer who has experience working specifically on helping hundreds of clients like you take this important step.

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Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
Life insurance has an interesting history.  While some current life insurance companies, such as New York Life and New England Mutual, trace their roots to the first half of the 19th Century, life insurance did not become widely available to working-class Americans until close to the turn of the 20th Century.  Beginning in the 1880s, companies such as Metropolitan Life Insurance began selling life insurance through local agents, who collected weekly or monthly premium payments and stayed in close contact with their customers. ....[ READ MORE ]

Estate Planning and Probate
I once had a 14-year-old client whose 42-year-old father had died suddenly.  Her parents were divorced and relations between them were very hostile.  My client was disinherited by her father; he made his sister the beneficiary of his life insurance and put her on his bank account.  The father may have intended that his sister use the money for his daughter’s benefit, but that did not happen.  This young girl’s sad case clearly illustrates the importance of making plans for death or incapacity. .... [ READ MORE

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